Stanley T. Ichiki

The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress July 9, 1918, takes Pleasure in presenting the Silver Star to Staff Sergeant Stanley T. Ichiki, United States Army, for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action while serving with the Air Section, 302d Field Artillery Battalion, 76th Infantry Division, in action on 29 March 1945. On that date Staff Sergeant Ichiki was on his way with five other enlisted men and their air officer to make a reconnaissance for an air strip near Idstein, Germany. The party was ambushed by a group of about 20 Germans. After a vicious battle Staff Sergeant Ichiki and his comrades captured five of the enemy. As they were lining them up along the road the remaining Germans opened up with such intense machine gun fire that Staff Sergeant Ichiki and his comrades were forced to take cover behind a bank. The situation was critical because the outnumbered Americans soon would be surrounded by German riflemen and grenade throwers while the machine gun kept them pinned down. Locating the source of the machine gun fire, which was coming from the edge of the woods across the road, Staff Sergeant Ichiki slipped from the protection of the bank and crawled to a better but more exposed firing position. From there he silenced some of the enemy riflemen but still could not end the relentless machine gun fire. Armed only with a light carbine, he arose and walked across the open road in the face of the blazing machine gun, firing as he walked. He managed to outshoot the machine gunner without being wounded himself, and the enemy quickly withdrew. Even as they went, a remaining Nazi pulled the pin of a grenade and tossed it back at Staff Sergeant Ichiki, killing him. Staff Sergeant Ichiki's courageous and forthright action remains an inspiration to those with whom he served and exemplifies the highest traditions of the armed forces of the United States.

Rank: Staff Sergeant
Company: Air Section
Battalion: 302d Field Artillery Battalion
Division: 76th Infantry Division